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San Diego

CranioSacral Therapy

San Diego CranioSacral Therapy is located in the heart of Ocean Beach, Ca at

1804 Cable st Suite A
San Diego 92107

Call 619-315-1616 to schedule your session!

                CranioSacral Therapy is an alternative bodywork therapy in which the body is held in a space where deep healing can take place. This technique, developed by osteopaths in the early 1900s, is based on the principal that by tuning into the craniosacral rhythm one can determine where restrictions are being held in the fascia.  Upon determining these restrictions, the practitioner can then work on the area (either energetically or physically) lengthening and releasing the restrictions in the fascia, therefore bringing the body back into balance.

Examples of restrictions in the fascia range from limited range of motion any where in body, to inflamation in the joints, propensity towards headaches/migraines, pain from overuse syndromes like carple tunnel or thoracic outlet syndrome, intense menstrual cramping, and the list goes on.    

 The joints in the body have a natural inspiration and expiration much like breathing, which can become restricted over time and, like any thing else, needs to be maintained. CranioSacral therapy works to keep the fluid in the joints flowing.

There is also an emotional component to CranioSacral therapy.  Many times emotions will be stored in the body creating restriction. Working to release these stored emotions is another component of CranioSacral healing.

To get the most out of a CranioSacral session, wear comfortable clothes (no jeans or dresses) and come with an open mind!

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